Small secrets of being a carpet designer

It’s raining, hurray!

I like to work when it’s raining outside. The sun doesn’t call me anymore, so I can concentrate on images and geometrical figures. The rhythmic sound of water drops is soothing and I forget about deadlines for a moment. I even like that it’s getting dark in the room. Not that I prefer artificial light, but due to it, I feel cozy while the nasty weather plays in the street. It knocks at my window but I’m not that stupid! As Gandalf said: ’You shall not pass!’J. And I go on creating designs for carpets. The best is when a client relies on your taste. That’s when my imagination rubs its hands in jubilation and can’t wait to start working. I’m so glad when the result pleases not only me. Sometimes the customer asks to make some changes in the final design and I do it eagerly cause I should never let the client leave unsatisfied.

My plan B!

I experiment with colors.

  • Pastel shades of pink look very nice in girls’ bedrooms.
  • Black and white patterns would be perfect for a study as they won’t distract you.
  • Though people are often afraid of bright hues, I convince them to change their mind. What’s more, no one has ever regretted about changing the decision.

Sometimes I have to deal with tough customers, who remain skeptical about vivid colors even after my well-prepared speech. But I always have a contingency plan and gonna share my secret with you! If somebody says that vibrant hues are psychedelic, show him oil canvases by Leonid Afremov. Look at his style of painting rain link. Awesome, don’t you agree? The artist has depicted my favorite kind of weather. In addition, it’s windy because the man can hardly hold an umbrella. The two probably haven’t seen each other for a long time – the man’s holding the lady tight and their kiss is so passionate! Pay special attention to the background of this artwork too. Motley spots sit on the trees, appear between the streetlamps – they’re leaves which can’t help dancing under the rain. Each color of the rainbow was used by Afremov to create this magnificent piece of art. Bright palette adds warmth and sensuality to the image. It’s in no way psychedelic, crazy, mind-blowing or any other adjective used by people who don’t understand the positive influence of deep colors. If you like the rain painting pictures by Leonid Afremov as much as I do, visit his online gallery and find out more about the artist and his wonderful works! Good luck!





The origins of my profession!

In the past carpets protected the house from cold. They also served as wall decorations and showed how rich was their owner. It’s considered that the first tapestries were produced in Ancient Egypt as far as the depiction of them was found in the tomb of Thutmose IV. And this guy lived between 1397 and 1388 BC!

The oldest piled carpet was made in the 5th century BC. It’s famous for its design, elegant and sophisticated: the rug contains representations of deer, horses, workmen and lotus buds. Can you believe that people were able to weave all these details in the 5th century?  Now the carpet is kept at Hermitage Museum, Russia. Modern artists have recreated its ornaments, thus letting everyone investigate the tremendous artifact At first sight, the rug seems ordinary. However, so much work has been done to imitate the original design: the rug is 100% hand knotted and speaking about the wool, it was dyed using only natural dyes. I’d like to know why the main color of the carpet is red. Perhaps, it symbolized wealth?

It’s always interesting to discover the history of things and compare their significance today and long time ago. Does a carpet mean something more for you than an object to cover the floor? Would you ask in the will to put it into your grave as our ancestors did? I doubt itJ. There are people who collect tapestries but I’m still sure they wouldn’t take them to the next world.


And you thought where those patterns came from!

Nice to meet you, people! My name’s Sally Clayton. I’ve got a very unusual job and you’d never guess who I am! My work’s connected with interior but has nothing to do with furniture. The things which I create can be found in any house. They’re big, small, mono- or multicolored, made of wool, nylon, polyester, acrylic or blends. Your feet feel pleasure when walking on them. Yeah, I’m talking about carpets! You might be surprised that there’s someone who designs them but yes, I exist!J My job can be compared to painting. Though I use computer software to develop my concepts, I still deal with colors, themes and backgrounds.